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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group – Laos

Financial Product Integration – Design & implementation partner

The Australia and New Zealand Banking (ANZ) Group environment panel and our creative team identified ANZ Laos as a prospective branch partner to align with a multi-year carbon-offset procurement strategy as well as the United Nations’ recently released Sustainable Development Goals.

Investment in the first Gold Standard offset project in Laos, a clean water-filter project, provided the perfect back-drop for the successful integration of ANZ’s innovative MoneyMinded financial literacy program.

We mobilised over 40 teachers from 13 schools to gather at the Friendship School in Oudomxay in Northern Laos where a ANZ MoneyMinded facilitator provided locally engineered education on valuable money-management tools for the teachers.

The MoneyMinded program was completed with 47 free water-filters provided to the attending school teachers with enough water capacity to enable fresh drinking water for over 300 rural Laotian school children per day.

children from laos

loas teachers
drinking children
brochure ANZ carbon offset program