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The Myanmar Stove Project

The Soneva Foundation – UK

Social Media Campaign – Trade Promotion

THE STOVE PROJECT is a partnership between Cleaner Climate Australia and the Soneva Foundation.

The partnership has been designed as a bespoke funding vehicle that assists with the Soneva Foundation’s continued efforts of distributing fuel-efficient cook-stoves to the people of rural Myanmar.

While over 22,000 cook-stoves have been disseminated to date, THE STOVE PROJECT allows for the rapid and long-term scaling of the Gold Standard initiative with an estimated 200,000 stoves planned for delivery over the next five years.

Launching  26 October, 2018, THE STOVE PROJECT is the world’s first social media designed carbon-offset trade promotion, intelligently crafted around a custom audience in a preselected contingent of countries.

Entry into the promotion enables the participant(s) the chance to win 3 x Soneva Maldives holiday experiences, a prize pool value of over USD65,000 generously provided by the STOVE PROJECT partners,  Soneva.

To find out more and to join THE STOVE PROJECT movement just follow this link www.myanmarstoveproject.com

the myanmar stove project
The Myanmar Stove Project
stove project
Cleaner Climate stove project
the myanmar stove project
myanmar stove project
the myanmar stove project